Thursday, December 18, 2014


Welcome! We are so excited you are here to see our new blog and project! We are in the process of getting this blog going! In the meantime, please visit our Facebook Page and give us a like!

Please consider a donation to help this project come to life! You can donate easily at or you can contact to arrange an offline donation.

What is a TARDIS Little Free Library? In fact, what is a TARDIS?
So first off, thanks for asking! Second, we now hope you will go learn about what a TARDIS is and why you too should love it. In a nutshell, The TARDIS--Time and Relative Dimension in Space is a time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television program Doctor Who and its associated spin-offs The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood and more. So in a nutshell, for those who are not familiar with Doctor Who, the TARDIS is a machine that can travel through time and space. Now, finish reading this, and then go watch Doctor Who!

What is a Little Free Library? Well, it's a super awesome concept that you can read more about here. This is a wonderful organization that I highly suggest you support and tell others about. We are proud to be a part of this group and so thankful they came up with this idea! Basically, the premise is someone in the community maintains a small library where children can take a book, leave a book. So it is based on the honor system. You can take a book and bring two in return, or bring one to leave when you come to borrow. Or simply take a book, return it, and grab another! The point is for easy access, fun books and getting children to read!

But what about the local library? Let's get one thing straight. We LOVE our local library system. The St. Tammany Parish Library system is AMAZING and we are absolutely blessed with an incredible Slidell branch. This project is not done in any way to imply the library is not sufficient. But every librarian will tell you, the more access children have to books, the better!! We chose this location because it was in a location children frequent (an ice cream shop) and is within walking distance of many homes, a school, and a park. We hope the libraries will work WITH us and spread the word!

Why make it a TARDIS? So, you probably ask this question because you are not a Doctor Who fan, for if you were, you would not ask that question. So let me explain it like this, first off, this is not our original idea. I first saw it online, probably on Pinterest, and there is a super cool guy who I want to meet one day, who made one in his front yard! You can find them here.  There may have been someone before him who made one, but his is the first I found. I then met the awesome Paul of the Krewe Du Who who did make a full size TARDIS you can actually step in, and I realized...this man can do this. He can make this dream happen! So, I stuck my neck out, and approached the  man in the long scarf and we got the ball rolling! But I digress. So why is it a TARDIS? Because they're awesome.

Where can I see it? Well,you can't see it---YET. We are just getting the ball rolling and will update as we go along, but we have secured the location and the builder, Paul, is ready to get going. We do, however, need funds for supplies and materials. We have created a GoFundMe account with specific details on what the money will be used for. Once the TARDIS is built, yearly upkeep will be minimal and will run on donations and community support as well. Once it is built, it will be inside the gate in the yard of the Old Town Soda Shop in Slidell, La at 301 Cousin St, Slidell, La 70458. We are very grateful to both Frank and Morris who are supporting this adventure. Without their support, we would NOT be able to do this. Details on accessing the TARDIS will come as she is built. (Yes, it's a she.)

How can I help!? We LOVE you for asking that question! Right now, the best way you can help is to share our Facebook page, and share our GoFundMe page at  Any donations you can make would be helpful as well! Also if you have ANY books, we will take them! The focus will be books for children, non-fiction, and fiction but we will take any book that would be considered PG-13 and below. So chapter books, classics, picture books, banned books, we want them! So if you have any books you can donate please email Amy at If you are an author or publisher, we'd LOVE to talk to you and have your books in the TARDIS.

Who is doing this? I had wanted to build a Little Free Library for some time in our area. I am a former teacher, current homeschooling mom and I love to read! When I saw the TARDIS Library up north, I knew this would be an amazing thing to have down here, and would be perfect for Old Town Slidell. We have an amazing community here and we can make this an awesome project for all to enjoy! So thanks to the generosity of Frank and Morris at the Old Town Soda Shop and the awesomeness of Paul with the Krewe du Who, we will make this happen! So really, everyone who helps is doing this!!

**If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to email me, Amy at or via the Facebook Page!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Under Construction!!

Welcome! We are under construction but fun things will be coming soon!!